Taekwondo Instruction Since 1974

History of Grande Prairie Taekwondo School

The Grande Prairie Taekwondo School was first established in June 1974 by Mr. James Cocker. In March of 1975, Master Kwang Soo Kim came to Alberta from Korea and took over the school.

Master Kwang Soo Kim
Master Kim's training was in the Oh-Do Kwan style of martial arts, learned under General Choi Hong-Hi. However, Master Kim chose to continue under the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style. While our forms still contain subtle nuances of our Oh-Do Kwan origins, the WTF is the basic foundation of our school.

Master Robin Peterman
Under the guidance of Master Robin Peterman, who took over the school after Master Kim moved to continue his theological studies, the school has expanded. We continue to follow the Olympic WTF Taekwondo style.