Taekwondo Instruction Since 1974

Why Study a Martial Art?

Martial arts take dedication and practice. It takes years to fully understand the art. In the highest sense, the practice of a martial art is a journey of self discovery, about learning who and what we are in this vast world of ours. It is a physical and mental activity that enables us to unify the body, mind and spirit.

Physical and Mental Skills
There also are many practical reasons for studying martial arts: learning self-defence, geting in shape, becoming more flexible, meeting new people and just having fun. But even on an everyday level, integrating skills like respect, discipline, perseverance and responsibility with physical movements and high-level concentration in a very structured environment relieves stress and helps you get your act together.

A Long-Term Endeavour
The martial art you practice should be compatible with your body, and you should stick with it long enough to realize its benefits. Since the real benefits from martial arts training are long-term, studying martial arts should not be a quick, impulsive decision.

Choose a Good Instructor
As in any situation where learning is critical, a good teacher, whose personal development transcends physical techniques, is essential. Students should recognize that the serious practice of a martial art is about self-knowledge, managing fear and anger, and finding inner strength. Developing these skills results in the confidence and greater ability to cope with uncertainties that so many accomplished martial artists possess.
Why Study Taekwondo?
Like other classic martial arts, Taekwondo stresses proper attitudes and the balance between mind and body. Taekwondo translated from Korean is “the way of hand and foot” and emphasizes fighting for self defence purposes only. It originated in Korea but is now practiced in more than 120 countries by an estimated 63 million people. Taekwondo has become the most practiced sport in the world.

Speed and Balance
Taekwondo is distinguished from other martial arts by its extensive use of the legs for kicking, which makes it a superb conditioning art and great cross-training exercise. Students gain great physical condition, becoming much more flexible and capable of fast and balanced striking movements with hands and feet.

Classic Martial Art
Taekwondo stresses the art (or way) of a classic martial art. It offers the rigorous, demonstrable results of a science and the physical and mental training of a top athlete, tailored to your specific starting condition and goals.

Art or Sport?
Taekwondo as it is recognized today as a martial art dates back to 1955. Some of the older Taekwondo instructors are caught in the conflict between the art and the sport that results from inclusion in the Olympic Sports. Some instructors have moved toward teaching only the sport aspect.

The Best of Both
At Grande Prairie Taekwondo School, we strive to blend the traditional art of Taekwondo with the Olympic sport of Taekwondo sparring for optimal results.