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Grande Prairie Taekwondo School Explains Forms

Poomsae, or forms, are a memorized pattern of movements such as blocks, punches, kicks and strikes. Forms originated as a way for students to practice their techniques without direct supervision by their master instructors.

Traditional Method of Practice
Now, forms are a traditional part of Taekwondo. They allow students to practice their hand techniques, stances and kicks and to learn how to move. The stances and techniques that are practiced in forms are different than those used in sparring.

Self-Defence Practice
More importantly, the repetitions and practice of the techniques train the students’ minds and bodies to be able to react instinctively and quickly in a self-defense situation. By doing Poomsae over and over, concentrating on proper delivery, power and accuracy of technique, the student is able to draw upon that knowledge rapidly — without conscious thought — and perform techniques faster and more effectively in a faster response time than normal.

Precision Movement
Forms should be performed with synchronized timing. Seeing an entire class moving with precision and confidence at the exact same time is a beautiful thing.

Try These Forms Yourself
For those studying martial arts, practicing forms is such an essential activity that we’re attaching sketches of those forms. If you’re in one of our classes, find the form you’re presently working on here and perfect your performance of it. If you’re not yet our student, here’s a taste of what forms are all about.

Il Jang
Ee Jang
Sa Jang
Oh Jang